Affiliates: How to choose the right tracker for your goals

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Posted: June 29, 2017

What helps affiliates to get the right attribution? To be able to split tests with several networks? To easily manage several campaigns at once, optimize, and in conclusion, get the best revenue from every click?

Choosing the right tracker for your goals

Here are some with which Kimia has had experience and is proud to recommend.

  1. Voluum 

Voluum Tracker is a tracking tool for performance marketers released by Codewise – the third fastest growing company in EMEA and second in EU according to Financial Times.
It was created by performance marketer Robert Gryn and it is used by performance agencies and media buying teams from over 200 countries worldwide who work on verticals like online gaming, gambling, dating, health & beauty offers, binary options and forex to name just a few of them.
Voluum processes billions of real-time data requests within milliseconds. It is accessible with any browser or by a mobile app for Android and iOS which allows performance marketers to optimize their campaigns while on the go. The database technology is served via an advanced cloud network of nine data centers placed on all continents.
What differentiates Voluum from some of the above solutions is that compared to self-hosted tracking solutions or cloud-hosted tracking solutions with a limited network, it reduces the risk of click-loss.
The basic plan for Voluum tracker is Pro for a monthly 99$. It covers 1,000,000 events but it won’t stop tracking after reaching the limit, all your data will be saved and accessible. It doesn’t apply if your traffic source is Zeropark as Voluum is fully integrated with it and all overages coming from ZP are free of charge.

  1. Binom 

The only self-hosted tracker in the list. Unlike cloud tracker solutions you have to buy a server and install the tracker. It will be installed by the support team for free.
Binom offers:

  • monthly payment is 99$ regardless the amount of clicks processed
  • a high speed interface, reports and redirects
  • smart links technology
  • LP events tracking
  • anti-spy and anti-fraud system
  • multi-user access and stats
  • 14 days free trial
  • professional support team

The tracker attracts many affiliates by its rapid growth and advanced functionality.

  1. Adsbridge

AdsBridge is a platform built for successful affiliate marketers and designed for intelligent traffic monetization. The system ensures data safety, fast-redirects, secure cloud hosting, and effective features to manage all traffic flows and run profitable campaigns.
The list of features:

  • Full set of SaaS tools for management and optimization
  • Dedicated support managers
  • Streamlined and simple interface
  • Detailed statistics and traffic distribution (geo, operating system, mobile provider)
  • Automatic optimization
  • Daily capping
  • Landing page builder/editor/hosting
  • Competitive pricing ($89/1m clicks)

If you use the code “Kimia25” when you signup with Adsbridge you will receive a 25% discount after the trial period.

  1. Redtrack (powered by Affise)

As RedTrack is a cloud based solution, its users can be sure that all the data is safe and can be efficiently analysed thanks to their user-friendly statistics dashboards. RedTrack uses modern powerful software that allows you to start with any affiliate network and make redirects in the fastest way.

  • Less that 50,000 clicks per month for free and they offer a starter plan for 29$ per month.
  • Affiliate networks integration
  • Innovative technologies
  • Geo – balanced redirects
  • Smart targeting
  • Super fast – avg redirect time is 12ms

And, for extra points, they are launching new tools this June:

  • Brand new API
  • Advanced statistics reports, new statistics slices
  • New fasted tracking system
  • Improved GEO – balancing
  • AWS infrastructure
  • New UI
  • Smart landings rotation

Created and powered by Affise, its one of the most innovative solution in performance marketing. RedTrack will release more features in the nearest future, becoming one of the most advanced tracking service.
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These are the most used trackers among our partners. Kimia provides custom advertising solutions with flexible plans of action, we work across multiple verticals and offer smart link technology which allows affiliates to monetize every click with maximum return.  You can also continue to use direct links to our exclusive offers or use an API to get all the Kimia´s inventory in one simple click, it all depends on your strategy.
Just remember: your ROI is our business!
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