What makes a modern affiliate tracking platform?

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Posted: October 22, 2018

The recent release of ClickDealer’s in-house tracking platform has taken the company’s operations to a new level of autonomy and provided affiliates with a set of tools compiled from years of client feedback and market research. The platform boasts tons of new features, some of which have been announced on release, so today we present the full list of improvements and new tools available to ClickDealer’s supply-side partners.

  • Faster loading speed and more detailed reporting.
  • Streamlined API with simplified calls to get campaign links.
  • Offer attributes available from the UI and via API with extended search by different criteria.
  • Global postbacks available in the affiliate portal with testing pages that eliminate the need to send real leads to set up tracking.
  • Custom redirect domain parking.
  • SSL changes with options to secure the whole funnel.
  • A new and improved referral program.
  • Offer request option.
  • Customizable LP rotation, ability to split creatives.
  • Event reports for offers with multiple events.
  • Global postback shutdown on the campaign/event level.
  • Manuals for all sections of the affiliate portal.
  • Email toolkit coming up!

Modern marketing is all about data, and ClickDealer’s new platform is all about providing you with precise info in a convenient format. Visit the company’s blog to get a better picture of how it works or simply sign up and try it out!