AerServ to bolster mobile targeted inventory for broadcast buyers of Mediaocean

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In the past, advertisers have tried to reach consumers during primetime slots. However, mobile has changed all that. Now, AerServ, a mobile video supply side platform, has partnered with advertising software provider Mediaocean to support broadcast buyers in reaching more mobile device audiences on smartphones and tablets. AerServ will power this offering by providing video inventory that retains high viewability and visibility.
Mediaocean partners with AerServ
As of right now, AerServ says that local buyers can access inventory through a single source and its in-app videos offer 98% of video impressions seen by target audiences with a 100% share-of-voice. In addition, AerServ’s high video completion rate of over 80% is greater compared to the industry standard.
Dan Mauch, EVP of AerServ, says:

“Primetime viewership has naturally declined due to program content being available on multiple screens. Traditional TV, by itself, is no longer attracting huge volumes of viewers across a specific broadcast. Mobile apps have increased to the point that they now have the same reach, if not more, as mainstream TV.”

AerServ adds that it currently has 2,000 publishers using its platform as well as over 100 brand advertisers to purchase mobile ads. Broadcast brand messages too can be expanded to reach the right users at the right time in the right places and by demographics as well as lifestyle.
Cordie De Pascale, VP of Partnerships of Mediaocean, adds:
cordie depascale

“AerServ’s ability to deliver guaranteed, verified audiences who actually view through the creative is unprecedented. Enabling buyer and seller automation in the Mediaocean local buying systems gives spot buyers easy access to AerServ’s millions of engaged consumers.”

The Mediaocean Connect Partner Platform comes with some large global ad agencies and provides tools and tech to support their needs. Being a Connect Partner, AerServ aims to provide commercial video messages for easy to access, guaranteed and verified audiences. Marketers are then given access to purchase AerServ media electronically via Mediaocean Spectra local broadcast.

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