AerServ partners with Pixalate to integrate advanced fraud services for safe mobile inventory

Mobile video mediation platform, AerServ, just announced a partnership with fraud detection specialist, Pixalate, to integrate advanced fraud services for AerServ’s mobile ad and mediation platform clients. Pixalate ad analytics technology ensures that brand marketers get to purchase inventory more safely.
According to Pixalate, fraudulent ad networks have been joining RTB marketplaces to sell fake space on premium sites such as YouTube. Suffice to say, ads don’t end up where they should be seen.
AerServ partners with Pixalate to prevent mobile ad fraud
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Marketers and publishers have found it difficult to combat fraud. AerServ says that offenders need to be caught before they have a chance to ‘shoplift’. Harnessing Pixalate’s technology, AerServ can filter out fraudulent traffic before advertisers buy a fake impression.
Josh Speyer, CEO of AerServ, says:
josh speyer

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Pixalate to support a mission as important as fraud detection. By partnering with trusted vendors for third party verification and analytics, we’re able to offer high quality inventory in a trusted environment.”

The partnership provides certainty to AerServ advertisers that the ads they are buying will actually be seen. With mobile programmatic advertising on the rise, a third of impressions are now at risk of fraud. Transparency is key in providing a trusted service.
Jalal Nasir, CEO, Pixalate, adds:
jalal nasir

“As mobile ad spending in 2016 is predicted to reach $100 billion with an estimated 38 percent fraudulent inventory, mobile advertising has become the new battleground for ad fraudsters. Pixalate’s fraud protection technology suite was built from the ground up to combat mobile ad fraud head on, specifically to block nonhuman traffic in mobile apps and devices. We’re excited to see companies like AerServ use our technology to block fraudulent mobile app impressions at the pre-bid level.”

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