AerServ partners with Moat to offer enhanced mobile advertising viewability goals

Mobile-first video mediation platform AerServ, announced a partnership with Moat, the SaaS analytics firm which provides products for brand advertisers and publishers. The companies have partnered to measure attention, humanity and viewability across digital advertising programmes in order to make campaigns more effective across the platform.
AerServ announces partnership with Moat for new mobile measurability
According to the IAB report Primer for Publishers on Improving Ad Viewabilityadvertising viewability has become a core focus for the industry. Moat and AerServ have partnered in order to help publishers achieve these viewability goals and expand viewability beyond Attention Metrics to give marketers a more complete picture of campaign effectiveness.
Josh Speyer, CEO, AerServ, says:
josh speyer

“We’re thrilled to partner with Moat in an effort to reinforce our commitment to our clients’ success. Moat is known for delivering highly accurate, in-depth metrics for our industry and provides verifiable analytics and reporting to ensure brands using our platform always get the most from their digital advertising strategies.”

AerServ says that its mobile monetisation solution is now integrated with Moat Analytics. This lets publishers and marketers create viewability and Attention Metric goals based on data from Moat. As such, any action taken is more monetisable and ultimately advertisers get to run more effective ad units, placements and sites.
Likewise, publishers are supported through a variety of variables, such as audience targeting.
Adding features such as humanity, viewability, and Attention Metrics, marketing professionals improve the effectiveness of their programmatic direct campaigns to ensure their ad creative reaches real and attentive users. Ads are optimised against audiences to enhance the overall performance.
Jonah Goodhart, CEO and Co-founder, Moat, says:
jonah goodhart

“As audiences continue to spend more time on their mobile devices, cross platform measurement and analytics have become increasingly important for both publishers and brands. We are excited to partner with AerServ and applaud their focus on measurement in mobile video and driving success for all parts of the market through this partnership.”

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