AerServ launches TV commercial-style mobile video advertising units called Ad Pods

Set Up Ad Pods
Ad management and SSP mobile publishing and advertising provider, AerServ, has rolled out a new tool for publishers called Ad Pods. The feature lets publishers display multiple video ad units to play in succession within a single in-app ad placement. Ad Pods are using IAB standards.
If this feels a little familiar to you, then that’s because it resembles commercial breaks on TV. The idea behind Ad Pods is to decrease interruptions in the user experience.
According to some reports, viewers tend to engage more with adverts that are similar to TV ads. This leads to increased engagement, CTR and completion rates. At the same time, Google demonstrated that online video content is also more engaging than traditional TV ads.
online video
Ad Pods are fully customisable. Advertisers can determine the number of ads, the duration and skipability options via AerServ’s platform.
Publishers can boost the number of ad impressions without increasing the number of app users. Ad Pods can then be placed as mid-roll, pre-roll or rewarded video formats in streams. These are placements that tend to boost audience opt-ins.
Josh Speyer, CEO AerServ, explains:

“As digital spend begins to outpace traditional TV spend, publishers and video advertisers are looking for ways to extend their audience in a safe and familiar way. Ad buyers want a more TV like buying and planning experience across channels and platforms. And for publishers, Ad Pods increase ad load which provides new monetization and pricing opportunities without having to find new users.”

Ad Pods has already been beta-tested and is now available via AerServ.

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