AerServ launches its own rewarded video ad platform

Mobile-first video mediation platform AerServ has launched its own rewarded video ad platform,  to allow advertisers to place the ad format — which is rising in popularity — across many different networks.
AerServ’s CEO, Josh Speyer, said:

“We’re excited to offer rewarded video to our customers; it is one more layer to add to our holistic monetization solution and a valuable tool for developers. With rewarded video, everyone wins: the user is rewarded with in-app currency, the advertisers receive the user’s undivided attention while the ad plays (resulting in high performance) and the publisher earns more revenue.”

Rewarded video ads are proving popular because users benefit from watching them, usually gaining virtual currency which can be used in-game. Publishers like them because not only do the ads get seen, but they keep users playing the app in which the ad is placed.
Game developers Dirtybit recently announced it had seen ad revenue increase by 70% after integrating rewarded ads into its popular Fun Run 2 game. Chartboost provided the rewarded ads for Dirtybit, and MoPub has also added the format to its inventory, after seeing a 243% rise in video ad spending during 2014. According to research, nearly 50% of mobile ad viewers in the UK consider video ads to be more engaging than traditional adverts.
AerServ was recently named as the Top Innovator in Mobile App Monetization at DeveloperWeek 2015, and you can learn more about the company by visiting its profile here.

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