AerServ launches Cost Per Completed View for programmatic mobile video

With in-app video advertising now a top choice for app developers and mobile publishers, cost and viewability are core factors in choosing the right ad partner. AerServ, the inventory and audience management platform, has now launched a Cost Per Completed View (CPCV) transaction basis for programmatic mobile video buyers and sellers.
The update comes at a crucial time as 62% of respondents expect mobile video budgets to increase over the coming 12 months, according to the IAB’s Video Ad Spend Study. In addition, buyers which use digital budgets for their video ads were optimistic about mobile video’s potential (66%).
Josh Speyer, AerServ’s CEO, explains that mobile-first is at the heart of what AerServ does and the latest addition is a testament to the firm’s commitment.

“With CPCV we’re enabling the true value of rewarded video. By thinking about how mobile games and apps transact, we’re bringing additional revenue to publishers as well as giving brands a way to compete for impressions typically locked up by performance buyers.”

The AerServ CPCV programmatic solution ensures that low engagement views are a thing of the past. Indeed, in-app advertisers will now pay app publishers only when their video ad units are watched to the end. This benefits both buyers and sellers.
By connecting premium rewarded video inventory, publishers can charge a higher eCPMs and advertisers get more engaged audiences in return.
The product roll-out follows AerServ’s expansion into New York and Chicago to boost its marketer relationships and expand its mobile ad options.

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