Adways Korea Partners with Mobusi to Help Mobile Game Developers in Korea

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Posted: July 11, 2016

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Adways Korea and Mobusi have formed a strategic partnership in order to help Korean mobile game developers achieve worldwide recognition. Korea boasts many talented companies that are capable of creating quality apps, but the market lacks the kind of numbers that can sustain rapid growth. Korean developers have their sights set on expansion to countries like China, Japan, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Mobusi’s network will help augment Adways Korea’s existing global coverage, bringing Korean mobile products to the international marketplace.
Adways Korea Join Forces with Mobusi to help mobile game developers in Korea
Always Korea partners with Mobusi
Adways Korea’s clients will be able to take advantage of Mobusi’s extensive global network and database, which will give Korean developers valuable visibility and exposure on an international level.
Adways is a Global mobile marketing company with know how and experience in the Asian market. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, it also has offices offices in 11 asian countries and the USA, and boasts 22 international partners in its global network.
Mobusi and Adways general profile

Mobusi is a global ad network based in Spain, with offices in, Mexico, India, and Singapore, and soon in the US. Mobusi’s network generates more than 3.1 billion clicks per month in 250 geos worldwide. Both Adways and Mobusi have their own in-house customized SDK systems.
Soonam Jeon, vice president of ADWAYS KOREA on the partnership:

“Adways has been continuously supporting domestic mobile developers for their global marketing campaigns. With the accumulated knowledge and skill of both companies, we will continue to support domestic app developers for their successful global expansion.”

Danny Han, Mobusi’s country manager for Korea says:

“Modern day companies shouldn’t just be focused on Korea, but rather on gaining a global competency, because the Korean market is very small. The synergy gained by combining Adways Korea’s sales force with Mobusi traffic is going to be great for everyone involved.”

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