Adventure, Simulation and Role-Playing app categories have the highest click-through rates

With mobile video traffic expected to grow by 50% a year until 2022, and mobile video ad spend estimated to exceed $6 billion in 2017, mobile app advertising platform AppLift explores just how mobile video ad creatives perform across different placements. Here are some of the key findings.
Based on app categories in the Google Play Store, Adventure, Simulation and Role-Playing categories have the highest click-through rates across all measured regions (US, Canada, Brazil, Japan and Korea). This suggests that user acquisition campaigns which specifically target such placements can potentially be more successful than those targeting Sports or Casual categories.
However, across the examined countries, AppLift highlighted regional differences, with the US demonstrating higher CTRs for Adventure and Casual categories.

Although impressions tend to convert well to CTRs in the US (13.7%) compared to Korea, clicks generally showed a better conversion to installs in Korea in the Casual category (1.7%), indicating that Korean mobile device owners may be more willing to install additional apps whilst playing Casual games.

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