AdTiming Announces Expansion into North America

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Posted: November 23, 2017

AdTiming, one of the world’s leading mobile analytics marketing platform, announced today its North America expansion plans to address growing advertiser and mobile developer demand. As part of the move, AdTiming will seek to deepen ties with mobile developers by providing faster self-serve options that maximize monetization opportunities, while leveraging its deep data analytics capabilities to deliver more accurate ad targeting to North American brands eager to tap into the Chinese market.
AdTiming shifts the old model of placement-based advertising to audience-based marketing. Handling more than 18 billion daily ad requests across 200 countries, AdTiming supports clients in Europe, China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and now North America – one of its fastest growing markets. AdTiming also has an extensive partner network including Nexage, Smatto, PubNative, Smartyads, Advocarrot, Yex, Axonix, Adview, Gothamads, Inneractive, Cheetah and more.
By analyzing mobile data traffic across a wide spectrum of channels – SDK, API, Exchange, commercial Wi-Fi, and traffic exchange and combining this with key consumer profile information such as IP, Device ID, Android ID and IMEI, AdTiming is able to generate more accurate audience segments that enhance precision targeting and improve advertising performance, as well as optimize future media buys and ad creative.

“It’s all about better understanding the customer. Big data mining, in-depth analysis and application are making an enormous impact on ad delivery. By leveraging our deep data mining and analytics capabilities, we are shifting the old model of placement-based advertising to audience-based marketing,” said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Leo Yang. “We cover more than 200 cities in China and facilitate more than 20 billion data ad transactions daily – rendering more than 300,000 unstructured tags. As a result, we are well positioned to help North American advertisers and mobile developers reach and roll out more effective market entry strategies to maximize their ROI in the Chinese market and beyond.”

Beyond expanding its footprint AdTiming will also be rolling out new mobile video advertising features to the region in the coming months.

About AdTiming

Founded in 2015, AdTiming is one of the world’s leading mobile analytics marketing platform. Headquartered in Beijing, China, AdTiming delivers accurate, real-time analysis to enable advertisers to more effectively reach their target customers throughout the customer journey. AdTiming is dedicated to discovering the best timing for mobile advertising by analyzing a large amount of media, audience and creatives. AdTiming channels targeted traffic from over 200 countries and regions and serving clients across a wide range of industries including, but not limited to, e-commerce, tourism, online live broadcasting and FinTech.