Adtile launches Motion Store to create engaging mobile ads

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Adtile, the San-Diego based technology platform for mobile advertising, released Motion Store, that lets anyone build sophisticated Motion Ads, which shake as you do, can draw in space along with your arm, and tilt when your phone tilts.
Adtile releases Motion Store to create Motion Ads
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Inviting users to twist, tilt and shake their phones makes the consumer an integral part of the creative ad experience. Choosing from a set of over 20 Motion Ad templates, marketers can customise their adverts with images, videos and texts. Adtile says it has over 200 different user experiences available, with up to 30 being added each month. Whilst complex rich media mobile ads can take many weeks to build, driving up costs, the Motion Store creates ads within minutes, requires no coding experience and comes at a fraction of the price.
Once a client is satisfied with the ad they created, the platform generates a responsive HTML5 code for iOS and Android. The dashboard lets users view details of the campaign including real-time performance metrics, views, actions, engagement rates and times. Tweaks and adjustments to ads are possible at all times. Nils Forsblom, CEO, Adtile, says:

“People find most mobile ads are ineffective or annoyingly disruptive. That is because most of those ads are designed for desktop and don’t take advantage of the incredible sensory hardware already in smartphones. My goal at Adtile is to help brands create the kind of advertising that creates human connections. I want to change the quality of mobile advertising and deliver a fully integrated approach.”

As brands and marketers are transitioning towards mobile only, new opportunities to establish quality user connection through positive brand experiences are sought. Advertisers need to take advantage of the options specifically designed to meet their needs.

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