AdTheorent rolls out cross-environment tracking and attribution solution for mobile advertisers

Anne Freier | February 25, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Data-driven predictive ad solutions provider, AdTheorent, just announced the availability of its Barometric solution as an independent hosted service for brands and agencies. The solution offers cross-environment media tracking and attribution. Marketers can measure cross-channel engagement in real-time to optimise and measure their campaigns. In addition, Barometric collects user IDs across the mobile web, apps, desktops, in-store and physical addresses to offer even better attribution.
AdTheorent rolls out Barometric as hosted service
Barometric aims to smooth out a fragmented digital ad solutions landscape, offering a more cohesive approach to manage data and campaigns. It combines tracking, serving and audience insights under one hood.
Marisa Skolnick, Director, media company Mindshare, says:

“When it comes to ad serving, tracking and measurement in digital, it’s such a fragmented space with so many different data sets that there are discrepancies and it’s nearly impossible to track anything back to a single user, which is the most difficult aspect of attribution currently. Barometric has one of the most holistic and comprehensive platforms that is able to connect off and online actions back to a single user. This can be a game changer for the industry and will arm advertisers with actionable data as to what is working and how their media is impacting consumer behavior.”

Among the key features of the solution is the capability to collect different IDs across various environments. This data is anonymised for privacy. Barometric utilises an ID bridging technology that lets marketers measure engagement in real-time to understand their campaigns more effectively.
Vikrant Gandhi, Information and Communication Technologies Industry Director, Frost & Sullivan, adds:

“True cross-platform attribution is something that has eluded marketers to date, but is so crucial for understanding the media mix and tactics that are driving engagement for advertisers. We haven’t seen anything connect the dots like AdTheorent’s Barometric. It is the most comprehensive solution in market, and is unique in its ability to inform advertisers about how all of their digital media affects engagements and purchases across all conversion environments.”

Barometric has been built to ensure smooth ad serving capabilities for mobile and desktop environments. In addition, post-click analytics provide real-time data analysis and reporting to give advertisers insight into what’s working and what’s not. Deeper insights such as cross-channel conversions (post click and view), geo (DMA) as well as device-level data are also provided.

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