AdTheorent launches Mindset mobile advertising units for greater audience insight

Mobile advertising technology firm AdTheorent just announced the launch of Mindset mobile ad units for advertisers. The new addition lets marketers discover consumer sentiment much more efficiently and facilitates a greater understanding of a client’s constituencies and audiences. Mindset creates audience profiles with 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data as well as layered intelligence on top of a respondents survey answers.
The mobile display banner ad unit is customisable and features a slider function to allow consumers to swipe left and right. It’s a less intrusive ad format and has recently been tested in a campaign to identify political sentiment following the third US Presidential debate.
Josh Walsh, Co-Founder of AdTheorent, explains:
josh walsh

“The beauty of our Mindset campaigns is the simplicity of the concept. Rich insights can be gleaned from answers to simple one-question surveys, which answers are appended with the voluminous amounts of data available to us. This survey is a wonderful way to tap into sentiment, whether on behalf of political or issue advocates or a brand seeking to gain insights about its audience.”

AdTheorent also released the results of its political sentiment research, which shows that Trump received more votes from users who were pet enthusiasts, owned a credit card and a pickup truck, were craft enthusiasts and snow sports fans.
Clinton, on the hand, received more votes from users who were interested in Nintendo video games, owned Apple devices, watched E! Entertainment Television, had a college education and were single.
Trump voter profiles are unsurprisingly largely male, above the age of 51 years, Caucasian and home owners.
Clinton tends to attract more female voters, aged 51+, African American and who are Metropolitan home owners.
For more information, take a look at the infographic below:

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