Adsquare Data Alliance provides accurate data for mobile advertisers

Anne Freier | September 4, 2017

Mobile Advertising

As mobile advertisers are faced with an abundance of scattered data, it has become ever more challenging to utilise people-based marketing.
Now, mobile data exchange Adsquare has rolled out the Adsquare Data Alliance that promises to provide advertisers with high-quality and accurate data at scale.
The Data Alliance aggregates deterministic data from app publishers and validated third-party data from partners. This data is then available via Adsquare’s open and private marketplaces for advertisers to access audience segments via the self-service Audience Management Platform as well as directly through DSPs and DMPs.
Tom Laband, CEO and co-founder of Adsquare, explains:

“With an abundance of data in the industry being scattered through data silos, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for advertisers to employ one-to-one, people-based advertising at scale. The Adsquare Data Alliance stands for both accurate data and reach and gives advertisers the freedom of choice.”

Adsquare adds that data in the exchange is curated through aggregation, normalisation, optimisation and activation of first- and third-party data. All data is validated against industry standards.
In addition, the Data Alliance offers a wide variety of segments such as demographic and interest data.
According to a recent case study, the Adsquare demographic data outperformed industry benchmarks by 308%.

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