AdsOptimal takes full charge of your mobile ads

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AdsOptimal, a start-up created in 2012 by Thai entrepreneur Brad Phaisan and now based in California, has launched a service that seeks to fully manage a marketer’s mobile ad campaign from optimisation to placement as well as partnerships with ad providers, thereby increasing content creators’ ad revenues.
AdsOptimal optimises mobile ads for you
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With mobile ad spending projected to grow beyond $100bn in 2016, the marketplace for services such as AdsOptimal’s continues to grow at a rapid pace. However, it is also an area full of competition. HeyZap, BoostMedia, and Adaptly provide services similar to those of AdsOptimal. However, in comparison to competitors such as Google, AdsOptimal provides a curated service which requires little technical knowledge. Brad Phaisan, Founder of AdsOptimal explains:

“We’ve been hearing a lot from our customers that when they sign up for an account with Google, and they put an ad on their website, no one is there for them to help them make it better. (…) (With AdsOptimal) website owners have full control over (their user experience), because it’s not only about money, but also the need to provide the experience they want. The relationship between site owner and audience is important and we value that a lot.”

Another distinguisher is that the service is based on revenue sharing as opposed to a flat fee. Phaisan explains:

“I feel like if we could not make [our customers] money, we should not get money either. That’s why we go fully for revenue sharing.”

AdsOptimal plans to focus on increasing the online user experience, offering better ad integration as well as a seamless fit across websites. According to Phaisan, the start-up reached its first billion impressions with half of its traffic coming from the US. AdsOptimal has five employees in the US and Thailand.

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