AdSecure’s latest platform feature scans for Google compliance

Anne Freier | February 16, 2018

Mobile Advertising

Following dismay by advertisers and brands over potentially placing ads with offensive content, AdSecure, the ad verification tool provider, has announced a solution. The company updated its scanning technology to recognize and identify ads that are non-compliant with Google’s Abusive Experience Report.
The company uses image recognition, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to spot ad formats that Google would consider abusive.
Among the ad types deemed non-compliant by Google are:

  • Auto-redirect the page without action from the user.
  • Take the user to an ad landing page or other content when they click anywhere outside of the user-visible border of the element.
  • Resemble system or site warnings or error messages.
  • Simulate messages, dialog boxes or request notifications.
  • Depict features which do not work.
  • Display a “close” button that does anything other than closing the element when clicked.
  • Imitate Antivirus Alerts

Mathieu Derval, Product Manager at AdSecure explained:

“We are excited to be adding new violations that Google considers as abusive to our detection arsenal. This new platform feature is a ‘must have’ for ad network platforms, publishers and ad operations teams. Not only does it ensure that publisher revenues are not compromised by penalisation from Google, but publishers continue to preserve trust and security within the online advertising ecosystem.”

As of February 15., publishers featuring non-compliant, abusive ads will be issued with a violation notification. From then, a publisher has 30 days to stop the ads from displaying. In addition, their site will be submitted for review via WebTools and require approval from Google.
In order to let the publisher know which ads were non-compliant, Google issues a definition, the URL of the relevant page an screenshots.
Once the issue is fixed, the publisher gets reviewed by Google. However, the Internet company hasn’t issued clear guidance on how long this process would take. If a publisher fails to comply, external links from the site will be blocked
Derval continued:

“AdSecure clients have the capacity to run comprehensive scans to inspect their ad tags and will receive real-time notification alerts through AI assisted analysis, each alert features a comprehensive report listing the non-compliant elements, allowing clients to take immediate action and reduce the risk of their own publisher clients getting flagged by Google.” 

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