AdSecure launches in ad verification tool in beta to fight mobile and digital malvertising

Anne Freier | September 5, 2017

Mobile Advertising

Malvertising is becoming a growing threat to the mobile and app ad ecosystem. According to RiskIQ malvertising increased 133% in 2015 likely due to the rise in programmatic advertising, which employs complex profiles that are a good basis for malvertisers to reach certain user groups.
That’s why AdSecure has just launched in beta. The company offers an ad verification tool for ad networks, operating teams and publishers to ensure malware-free advertising delivery and drive a more secure user experience.
AdSecure technology is based on a custom-made crawler that utilises behavioural targeting techniques and can perform checks from multiple browsers and devices.
That means clients can auto-scan ad tags and landing pages for malware and non-compliancy.
When the system detects a threat, it generates a real-time notification alert that is immediately passed onto the client via email or through an API. The client then gets to take the necessary action.
AdSecure states that it is easy to set up and can save its clients valuable time and resources when it comes detecting and getting rid of malware and other non-compliant ads.
Mathieu Derval, Product Manager at AdSecure explains that malvertising not only is a problem for the online community, but for the entire digital and mobile ad ecosystem.

“Malware distributed through the digital advertising supply chain degrades overall trust in this ecosystem. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the open system which relies on multiple parties including advertisers, ad networks, ad exchanges and site publishers. The boom in programmatic advertising offers attackers advanced targeting options making their malicious campaigns extremely effective and difficult to detect. This is why we created the AdSecure platform to give the industry the most effective, accurate and reliable ad verification tool.”

AdSecure is currently in beta testing, but companies can already head over to the website to find out more.

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