Adscend Media offers you the latest content locking and offer wall monetization and mobile advertising technologies

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Partner Post - Adscend Media Offer wall, mobile video, and offers platform

Posted: February 9, 2016

Adscend Media is an award-winning marketing platform offering a wide range of monetisation and ROI-focused advertising solutions. It was founded in 2009 and it operates worldwide in 180 countries from its base in Texas. Developers, publishers and advertisers can find dedicated tools to meet each one their specific needs.
Adscend Media provides developers user acquisition and monetisation technologies, including offer walls and rewarded videos. Integration of these technologies is made easy by API customisation and dedicated support.
Publishers using Adscend Media can also have access to the latest affiliate marketing, monetisation and user acquisition technologies; including content locking, offer walls and the innovative Mobile Video Locker. Through the platform, publishers reach a global base of advertisers, have dedicated account management and a customisation option to help them make integration seamless.
An Adscend Media offer wall
adscend media 1
Advertisers can choose within rewarded video, adwall or adlock technologies to engage users and position their brand on a global scale. Precise targeting and compliance are guaranteed, as well as pay-per-performance. A market research tool, a dedicated account management and a detailed reporting is available for advertisers to maximise ROI.
The Adscend Media content locking technology
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You can find out more about Ascend Media’s mobile advertising solutions here