AdRoll launches mobile Video Ads

AdRoll, the growth marketing platform, today launched its new Video Ads to make it easier for marketers to reach existing and future consumers through video across mobile, desktop and tablet.

Indeed, 80% of all internet traffic is going to be video in 2019. Research has shown that consumers are more willing to stay on a brand’s social site if video content is included.

Video Ads by AdRoll are based on the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology and use machine learning to determine bid prices per impression. They also analyse user behaviour to make it easier to serve the correct ad type.

Because the company has access to trillions of data points, Video Ads learn from such diverse data more effectively. Its AI engine is flexible and optimised for marketing goals and attribution, incorporating upper and lower funnel.

“AdRoll Video Ads leverage our large-scale machine learning model (100MM+ features) to train, test, and make real-time predictions for forecasting, pricing, audience modelling, pacing and optimisation,” explained Scott Gifis, President of AdRoll. “We make more than 1MM predictions per second that are globally distributed in real-time, driving better results, and optimises for each individual audience.”

AdRoll explained that the main difference to other video ads was its rich data. Video game developer Jackbox Games which already tested the new format added that reach through Video Ads expanded beyond static placements.

“Running video ads with AdRoll helps expand our reach beyond traditional static placements, helping us complement our always-on strategy with more engaging, excitement-building content that can only be achieved through video ads,” said Brooke Hofer from Jackbox Games.

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