AdMobix launches Yocto DSP and $11m advertiser fund

AdMobix has launched Yocto, a new mobile Demand Side Platform (DSP), along with an $11 million fund for advertisers to try it out.
AdMobix says its new DSP offers programmatic bidding, sophisticated AI algorithms, advance targeting, brand safety, real time granular reporting and “complete transparency,” among other features.
The announcement comes as the mobile RTB sector was shook-up by Millennial’s recent acquisition of Nexage for $107.5 million in cash. AdMobix’s new platform joins an increasingly busy market, with the likes of Avazu, jampp, StrikeAd, Mobusi and more offering programmatic solutions. Many see RTB as the future of mobile ad buying (although some are bucking this trend).
AdMobix’s chief product officer Chad Lavallee said:

“Yocto is, at its heart, a Demand Side Platform with many features designed to offer marketers greater control over their Return on Investment (ROI) compared to what they can find in the industry today. In addition, the entire advertising industry is evolving to where every metric has a performance driven component to it. Yoctos foundational pillars were built around that concept 17 months ago. Yocto, by definition, is the smallest measurable unit, and it parallels our ability to target to the smallest and most precise metrics available while focused on performance marketing at every level.”

Along with the DSP, adMobix is giving away $11 million in free advertising to try out the new platform. For more information head over to the adMobix website.

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