Adjust bolsters its presence in the UK

Jamie Giggs | October 20, 2014

App Marketing

Mobile app tracking and analytics company Adjust has made a real push to increase its presence in the UK. With a Series C funding round of $7.6 million USD just secured, the company has now recruited London’s ad industry rising star Stephanie Pilon to help bolster its UK division. Stephanie has four years experience in the UK mobile industry and was previously a Developer Relations Manager for LoopMe Media, who specialise in social ad discovery on mobile devices.
According to Stephanie the mobile market in the UK represents a great area of growth for adjust:

“Mobile experts in the UK have worked hard to ensure that brands are mobile first and rightly so as retail sales made via mobile are predicted to grow in the UK by 62% over the year to a total of £7.92 billion by the end of 2014. Mobile commerce is no longer a trend but a legitimate channel for consumers to spend, and naturally developers and mobile marketers want to maximise on this. I’ve already seen a strong demand for secure, fast, and accurate data by marketers on mobile app use and engagement. I know adjust will provide them with a much needed solution; I’m looking forward to introducing the UK market to our platform.”

Stephanie will be supported by a dedicated team account managers and technical support staff including Simon Kendall, Simon Dussart and Louie Moore.
On the development CEO and Co-founder of Adjust, Christian Henschel, said:
Christian H

“Local support is an essential component of our business model. We make it easy for app developers and marketers to make important decisions about their marketing spend and offer a full suite of data and features including integrated store stats and cohort analysis. Providing a local, dedicated team is just one component in making things more convenient and streamlined.”

For more information on Adjust, visit their website here, or check out our Adjust profile on our directory.

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