Adjust adds Click Validation to combat mobile ad fraud

Anne Freier | February 13, 2019

Mobile Advertising


Ad fraud is estimated to represent over $50 billion of industry spend by 2025, according to the World Federation of Advertisers.

Now, Adjust, the company that provides mobile measurement and fraud prevention tools, has launched Click Validation Through Proof of Impression to provide an added level of transparency.

Click Validation encourages ad networks to provide impression data with a unique identifier corresponding to user clicks. Requesting impressions before clicks are made, advertisers are able to check if engagement was made using the same device. This ensures accurate attribution and less budget being wasted on ad fraud.

Meanwhile, click injection and click spamming fraudsters will have a much harder time.

“This new Click Validation industry standard raises the bar for fraudsters, making fraud far less lucrative,” explained, Paul H. Müller, Co-Founder & CTO at Adjust. “This step toward transparency is long overdue, and we invite all ad networks and attribution providers to adopt this new improved standard as soon as possible. Only by working together will we be able to get rid of ad fraud for good.”

In addition, Adjust also released a new white paper which details mobile ad fraud and how the industry can take measures to prevent it.

It forms part of the company’s vision to educate the mobile marketing ecosystem and ensure greater transparency.

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