Adjust acquires Unbotify to help app marketers identify bot-based fraud more easily

Mobile measurement and fraud prevention company Adjust just revealed that it has agreed to acquire cyber security and AI start-up Unbotify.

As advertising fraud continues to present a growing challenge to marketers globally, novel technology solutions are required to address the issue costing the industry $50 billion by 2025. Bot-based fraud schemes are among the most problematic. These include human-like views and clicks to create engagement.

Unbotify has created a unique solution that analyses human behavioural patterns in mobile apps and websites to distinguish real human from bot activity.

“Fighting digital fraud is often referred to as a cat-and-mouse game, because fraudsters catch up so fast. That’s why we decided to not raise the bar just a little, but to look at the data points which are the hardest for them to fake – human behavior, thus flipping the fundamental economics in favor of the defender,” said Yaron Oliker, Co-Founder and CEO at Unbotify. “Merging our real-time bot detection technology with Adjust’s highly advanced fraud filters will fortify Adjust’s position as the market leader in fraud prevention and put an end to the billions in ad fraud losses.”

The technology employs machine and deep learning to analyse hundreds of features from data including device orientation, touch events and pressure sensitivity to detect bots. This way marketers are able to distinguish legitimate traffic from fraudulent one.

As part of the acquisition, Unbotify will continue to operate independently and expand by 100% in 2019 as part of Adjust’s wider strategy to extend its global footprint to 15 offices worldwide.

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