AdInMo secures funds to boost in-game mobile ads

AdInMo, the programmatic ad company specialising on video games, has just secured a $500k investment to scale its platform.

The funding round was led by UK investment start-up Techstart Ventures.

AdInMo’s platform specialises on non-intrusive ads in mobile games.

It provides tools for game developers to integrate display ads into their games while considering the gaming environment.

These placements take the form of billboards in racing games or backgrounds in puzzle games.

Advertisers can target audiences across a range of genres, monitor view ability and interactions

“The in-game ad model is currently broken for all stakeholders. Advertisers can only run direct response campaigns, developers only get paid if a player clicks an ad and leaves their game, and players have to put up with constant disruptions,” said Kristan Rivers, CEO, AdInMo.

“AdInMo’s dynamic in-game ad platform solves all of this, by seamlessly integrating non-intrusive ads into gameplay which are impossible to skip, block or ignore, and as a result, AdInMo ad units deliver 4x higher brand recall compared with video ads. Put simply: AdInMo delivers advertising that reaches the unreachables.”

Using the funding, the company will be able to scale the capabilities of its platform. It announced Chris Wright as CTO.

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