Adfonic rebrands as ‘byyd’: Interview with CEO Victor Malachard

Mobile advertising platform adfonic has rebranded as ‘byyd‘ and repositioned itself as a pure mobile demand side platform (DSP) for media buyers.
Byyd is now focusing on two new mobile ad services built around its Madison DSP, which was launched in 2012. ‘Byyd Pro’ is sold as a software-as-a-service solution, allowing agencies, direct clients, ad networks, tradings and operators to license byyd’s platform, while ‘byyd Media’ is a managed solution for planning and running ad campaigns.
We asked byyd’s CEO and co-founder Victor Malachard what was wrong with the old adfonic brand and why they decided to change:

“Our rebrand is the conclusion of a process of transition that began in 2012,” says Malachard. “We have made a natural evolution in our proposition to become a fully-featured mobile Demand-side Platform  operating in the fast-growing mobile RTB market. We feel that our new brand properly reflects the business that we have now become and the precision mobile advertising that we deliver.”

According Malachard, byyd has been investing heavily over the last few years in machine learning algorithms and programmatic buying. Despite many industry watchers seeing the mobile ad industry heading toward consolidation, Malachard says specialisation better serves customers in the RTB space.

“Business models attempting to cater to both publishers and advertisers risk underserving each party,” he says. “Ad networks in particular are finding it difficult being caught between the demands of advertisers and publishers. So specialisation here means doing a great job on the supply side or the demand side. We chose the demand side because we could see quite some time ago that programmatic buying was going to be the dominant means of buying mobile, and believed that was where our talents lie. The extremely positive response to our rebrand shows we made the right choice.”

Malachard adds that companies focusing purely on mobile DSPs will have a distinct advantage over those taking in both mobile and desktop:

While desktop/online DSPs can perform well for some clients, others are finding that they really do need to engage with pureplay mobile organisations like ourselves, simply because mobile is relatively new, it can be complex, and they need people who understand this and can take them through it. Others who are more experienced with mobile really like the Precision Campaign Management we offer them as part of our software-as-a-service solution… Mobile is exploding and the technology needs to be robust and scalable enough, while sufficiently open to plug into the exchanges that make the inventory available that our clients want to reach. This is why all our tech has been built to address the mobile challenges and opportunities from the outset.

Along with the rebrand, byyd has also announced the addition of 12 new clients, including m-commerce platform Weve, developer King and agency Starcom MediaVest.
Weve’s CEO David Sear certainly seems happy with byyd’s solution, saying:

“We chose to partner with byyd on the strength of their technology platform and their commitment to work with us in developing a custom solution for Weve in such a short space of time. Byyd has a good understanding of the fast-moving mobile market and importantly are able to build a product that benefits both our company and our client base.”

Given the growth of mobile RTB, and the different requirements of publishers and advertisers in the space, byyd’s refocus certainly makes sense. For more info on mobile DSPs check out our guide. For more info on byyd’s platform head over to the new website.