Adelphic partners with Dailymotion Exchange to tap global mobile in-stream inventory

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Mobile and cross-channel demand side platform, Adelphic, has just partnered up with private video exchange Dailymotion Exchange (DMX), part of video platform Dailymotion which generates over 3.5bn views per month. Adding Adelphic to its roster of DSP partners means that advertisers get to tap into DMX’s global mobile in-stream inventory.
That’s in line with current mobile marketing trends as mobile video has shown to be a particularly successful format on small-screen devices.
DMX video inventory is available through open auction and private deals
Mobile video consumption is set to surpass desktop in 2015, according to eMarketer. Marketers have been following this trend. Adelphic’s platform lets brands and agency clients access DMX’s desktop, mobile web and mobile app inventory through Adelphic’s mobile-first insights.
Damien Pigasse, CRO, Dailymotion, says:
damien pigasse

“As our audience on mobile has now reached 50% of our global audience, it is strategic for us to build strong partnerships with demand-side platforms, that think mobile-first and that can help us facilitate the connection between advertisers and our mobile viewers. Adelphic works with the top agencies and brands world-wide, and we’re excited to enable them access to our premium digital video inventory to continue to reach and engage consumers. Adelphic is not just a simple addition to our DSP roster, but one with a strong expertise in mobile.”

DMX is a private video exchange which exclusively monetises video player in-stream inventory for Dailymotion. The video inventory is offered across over 180 countries and lets advertisers worldwide connect with 300m unique viewers per month. According to Dailymotion, over 10m videos are being uploaded each month by leading media publishers across a large panel of verticals.
Gina Kim, Head of partnerships, Adelphic, adds:
gina kim

“Video drives KPIs for branding as well as performance. By incorporating DMX’s mobile inventory into our buying platform, we’ve added more scale for our clients to reach their audiences on the move, on whatever device.”

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