Adelphic integrates with Rubicon Project to update programmatic audio inventory

Anne Freier | February 13, 2019

Mobile Advertising

Adelphic, the self-service cross-channel programmatic ad platform, just updated its programmatic audio inventory through an integration with Rubicon Project.

Now advertisers are able to buy domestic and international premium digital audio ad inventory including TuneIn and TargetSpot.

The company says that it clients already access audio inventory from more than 216 countries and there are over 1,000 private audio marketplaces available.

“Not only does programmatic audio round out advertisers’ larger omni-channel campaign efforts, but it brings needed innovation to a brand’s local and regional advertising efforts,” said Alex Perrin, vice president of programmatic strategy at Viant’s Adelphic. “Traditionally, marketers and advertisers relied on local radio and niche digital strategies; we’re excited to offer tools delivering highly personalized real-time targeting and bid management capabilities that are effective for any campaign.”

Among the added benefits of the integration are brand-safe inventory and engaged audience experiences.

“With significantly increased inventory and value, digital audio has quickly become a prime platform for reaching targeted, engaged audiences at scale, along with desktop, mobile and OTT,” added Nina Harvey, head of audio, at Rubicon Project.

For advertisers, this also means they have access to real-time targeting and bid management tools when they integrate audio into video and display campaigns.

Adelphic provides data that measures the impact of programmatic audio and cross-device exposure.

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