Addictive Mobility launches range of new mobile video advertising formats

Addictive Mobility, the mobile advertising technology platform, has rolled out a full suite of mobile video advertising formats that include Vertical Video, 5 Second Video, and Wrapped Video formats.
Addictive Mobility rolls out new video formats
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The mobile video market is set to increase by 33% in 2017, according to research. In order to continue to offer a competitive product, Addictive Mobility has launched its own suite of mobile video formats.
Naveed Ahmad, CEO of Addictive Mobility, explains that the evolution of creative content has really been changing with mobile to go from banners to video, via rich media. He says:

“We believe that our suite of video formats created solely for the mobile audience will be the next frontier and we are proud to be a leader here. We are already recognized for our technology platform and targeting capabilities, however, building an audience is only one side of the coin. The other side of that coin is creating engaging mobile content for that audience.”

The firm’s Vertical Video is a full-screen video format which has been inspired by consumer preference for upright viewing with users selecting portrait orientation 94% of the time. The full screen helps to place more emphasis on content – ultimately driving brand memorability.
With 5 Second Video, Addictive Mobility wants to ensure that consumer attention spans are being met. Indeed, average attention is limited to just eight seconds for mobile content and the new 5 Second format lets marketers promote key messages for more impact. Test campaigns resulted in 96% completion rates compared to the average 57% (though bear in mind that the average isn’t restricted to five seconds). The format can be adapted to cater for longer viewing times.
Wrapped Video sounds a bit funky, but Addictive Mobility describes it as a video with a companion ad. It was launched with a partnership with Havas Canada and client Sephora Canada. Their user engagement improved when using Wrapped Video compared to standalone video formats. The companion ad was a full screen interstitial and featured Sephora’s branding, messaging and imagery.
Julie Forbes, Account Manager, Havas says:
julie forbes

“The objective for our campaign was to provide a lasting impression of the Sephora brand beyond the video. As our strategic mobile partner, we came to Addictive Mobility looking for a way to improve performance of our mobile video campaigns. LVMH is always looking for ways to push the boundaries and give their audience the best experience possible with their brands.”

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