AdColony’s new interactive video ads boost engagement by 7x the industry average

Anne Freier | September 5, 2018

Mobile Advertising

Mobile ad platform, AdColony, has just partnered with Unilever in order to launch its new Aurora HD interactive video ads in the UAE. The ad format provides a more immersive experience for end users whilst enabling brands to tell their story through the use of immersive video.

Aurora also includes options to measure user attention and engagement with video ads.

Initial testing with three different campaigns with Sunsilk, Brooke Bond and Jif revealed that 43% of viewers actively engaged with an Aurora HD Video ad, compared to the industry benchmark. Overall, the format performed 7x better than the AdColony platform average.

Consumers viewing the video ads would also touch, tap or swipe the ads multiple times. AdColony measured the total engagement per person to be an average 50x over industry benchmarks.

This increase in engagement also resulted in improved post-video activities leading to 3x increase in user acquisition for a company’s loyalty programme and 2x the click-through to their website. In addition, the format drove 90% viewable completion rate, 3x the industry average.

“Our mobile campaign allowed us to take what had already been a successful TV spot and incorporate a level of interactivity that allowed people to engage with our brand in an entirely new way,” said Samantha Billingham, Regional Sales Director at AdColony EMEA. “The campaign provided measurable results that we are very pleased with, ranging from clicks to loyalty program sign ups. It has been a great indicator of the impact building a unique creative experience can produce.”

Additional verification by Research Now highlighted that Aurora HD Video resulted in a 3% delta lift in purchase intent and brand favourability rose 7%, whilst brand familiarity was up 1.79%.

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