AdColony’s mobile advertising video platform outperforms benchmarks in three separate campaigns

Mobile ad platform AdColony found that its Aurora HD Video platform performed up to seven times better than the industry benchmark. The company tested the video platform running three separate brand campaigns and noted that 43% of people had viewed and engaged with the ads.
Aurora HD Video features haptic effects and more life-like graphic capabilities that turn ads interactive. Users can shake and turn their phones to engage with an ad.
The initial campaigns on Aurora HD Video were run for Disney, Buffalo Wild Wings and another global advertiser. AdColony worked with the brands and agencies directly to support their creative and interactive concepts.
Audiences were able to interact with the videos by tapping a character on the screen or leaving wing sauce fingerprints.
Will Kassoy, CEO of AdColony, explains:

“We are proud to work with partners like Disney and Buffalo Wild Wings to help drive awareness, engagement and purchase intent in new and exciting ways on mobile devices. Leveraging the power of creativity and interactive capabilities of our Aurora HD Video technology, these brands created wonderfully immersive experiences that engaged their consumers and delivered powerful results.”

Not only did the campaigns drive 50% engagement, but consumers were also actively touching, tapping and swiping the ad. The total number of engagements per person was 50x the industry average.
For one video, the campaign led to a 3x increase in user acquisition for the company’s loyalty programme and 2x more click-throughs to the website compared to standard video campaigns. In addition, Aurora campaigns drove a 90% viewable completion rate – that’s 3x the industry average.
In addition to engagement metrics, Aurora also boosted brand metrics. A third party study by Research Now highlighted that Aurora HD Video resulted in a 3% delta lift in purchase intent, which is 3x the average digital campaign lift.
The campaigns also boosted brand favourability to over 7% and brand familiarity grew 1.79%.

“Our mobile campaign allowed us to take what had already been a successful TV spot and incorporate a level of interactivity that allowed people to engage with our brand in an entirely new way,” said Bob Ruhland, Vice President of Marketing, Buffalo Wild Wings. “The campaign provided measurable results that we are very pleased with, ranging from clicks to loyalty program sign ups. It has been a great indicator of the impact building a unique creative experience can produce.”

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