AdColony rolls out new immersive mobile video advertising experiences

Mobile ad platform, AdColony, has just launched Aurora HD Video to change the way consumers engage with video content – physically.
The company says that Aurora provides immersive video ad experiences powered by the firm’s Instant Play technology, which boosts interactive content, haptic effects and native mobile capabilities.
With most video ads, mobile users don’t actively engage, but instead watch the content and perhaps click through to a brand’s website. Immersive video changes all that by adding more playful, gaming-style features to video ads.
Will Kassoy, CEO of AdColony, explains:

“Some people may tell you that there has been interactivity in mobile video for years, but they are selling the industry short when they talk like this. Interactive video should not just be placing an overlay or some buttons on top of a video.”

Indeed, mobile video has evolved much further with Aurora boasting game style designs such as particle effects and textures for a more realistic and life-like experience. Clients can also create shoppable video experiences that enable consumers to instantly tap items to cart.
Kassoy adds:

“Advertisers want consumers to go deep with their brand, and from feeling the rumble of a car as it races down the road, to looking around an environment using an accelerometer and 360 degree video, it’s all about immersion and interactive storytelling. This is what we’re offering with Aurora.”

Among the first advertisers to test the format are brands such as Disney, Buffalo Wild Wings and Genesis Motors as well as their agencies Horizon Media and Canvas Worldwide.
Disney created a custom trailer for its latest release Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Consumers will be going on a treasure hunt to find specific items on the screen and be rewarded with exclusive video content.

Buffalo Wild Wings rolled out an experience for “Foodoo”, the doll that comes in and out of the screen over a video for consumers to catch. When the screen is swiped, wing sauce fingerprints are being left across the screen.
Kaitlyn McInnis, Director, Digital Media, Horizon Media, said:

Adding a highly interactive element to the ‘Foodoo Doll’ campaign plays into consumers’ passion for sports and their desire to be part of the game, so it was a perfect extension of our existing creative.”

Kassoy certainly believes that the future is playables:

“We’ve been a pioneer of innovation in video ads. In our mind, this will be our new palette of creativity for the next four years. Our vision at AdColony was always around innovation and a passion for video. We believe the future of mobile video advertising is all about high quality, immersive brand experiences in moments where consumers are spending a lot of time and attention.”

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