AdColony discusses what formats work best for app-install ads

A new study by AdColony has aimed to discover what works and what doesn’t when it comes to video ad creatives and app install ads. To find out what makes a video ad creative successful, the company indexed 11,000 ad creatives for 2,500+ apps – analysing a total of over 10bn mobile video ad impressions.
It found that results vary widely according to category. For example, for action games live action creatives are more effective than text ads, whilst shopping ads benefit from featured characters most. Apparently, strong musical endings fare well with financial apps.
Ad creative effectiveness
The report also took an in-depth look at each category to show what has the greatest impact on install rate.
For example, for music apps, featured characters increased install rate impact by 123% and narration by 68%, whilst strong musical endings (surprisingly) decreased install rate impact by 41%.
Music app install rate impact
Game marketers should feature musical endings (24%) and in-device usage (20%) to drive install rate impact.
Games install rate impact
The report adds that generally richer ads do make for more engaged audiences. AdColony however advises not to distract users with too many special effects.
Chris D’Avanzo, General Manager for North America, AdColony, tells VentureBeat:
chris d'avanzo

“At the end of the day, it’s about creating videos that are engaging, relatable, and authentic. Focusing on the in-app experience is the #1 install driver, and ads localized for unique audience segments can boost campaign performance nearly 50%.”

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