AdColony Account Manager Paul West on Video Advertising [INTERVIEW]

Paul West, Account Manager at AdColony was interviewed by George Osborne at App Promotion Summit London 2014. We are now able to share the video and audio of the interview as well as a transcript. Thanks to Paul for the interesting interview which covers the topic of video advertising and how AdColony are using this to help developers to acquire new users and monetize their inventory.

AdColony Account Manager Paul West on Video Advertising, Video:

AdColony Account Manager Paul West on Video Advertising, Audio:

AdColony Account Manager Paul West on Video Advertising, Transcript:

Welcome back to the App Promotion Summit, I’m George Osborn. I’ve just been joined by Paul West of AdColony. Hi Paul, how are things?
Very well, thank you.
Could you tell us a little bit about what AdColony is all about?
Sure. AdColony is very simple; it’s a video delivery advertising network. We literally show videos for brands or App developers who want to acquire users. That’s about it. We show them video ads and we help them acquire users at a great rate.
What kind of videos are they? Are they going to be epic YouTube-style or 3-minute-long things, where you get all if this going on, or are they little Vines? Is there an optimum length for a video?
It’s more of a Vine, so we can operate within 15 to 30 seconds, and both can work really well, but 30 seconds is the max for holding audience’s attention when you’re in an app.
Yeah. Thirty seconds isn’t a lot of time to actually tell people about what your app’s all about, really. Are there any things that developers really need to be thinking about when they’re trying to communicate that rapid within 30 seconds? What things do they need to get across?
That’s the challenge, though; 15 seconds is even shorter, so you really need to get across what the app does. Definitely recommend it if it’s a game, get some gameplay in there. Actual usage of the app is really, really important, because when you actually acquire the user, if the user does go through to download the app, they want to know what to expect, otherwise they’re not going to be a valuable user for you. As you said, content is king, and make sure it’s gameplay or footage of actually using the app.
I think it’s fair to say that video’s becoming more important in the ecosystem, because obviously with iOS 8, they’re bringing in these little video clips and Google Play have had YouTube integration for a while. Why do you think it is that video is so important?
Video is such a great way to showcase your product; it tells a story. It’s visual, but you can hear it; you can have it right in front of you. There’s so many touchpoints that it reaches the audience with, and you can literally tell the story in such a short window, which you can’t do on a static image or banner quite as effectively.
When people are going about choosing their advertising strategy – is it the case that video’s performing better than other formats, and if so, are there any reasons why? 
I think video is a really important part of any acquisition strategy; they all hold that place, but video is really effective. I used to work as a marketing manager for an app studio, and we found that the users from video acquisition channels like AdColony really, really were strong because the user knew what they were expecting. From a screenshot, you can’t necessarily tell what the app’s going to do or exactly what you’re actually going to get from it. Whereas the video when you see it happening, it’s like, “That’s exactly what I expect,” so you normally get a much more valuable user. I think video is really, really important and definitely should be part of everyone’s strategy.
It sounds like beauty is in the eye of the beholder there, and I think that’s a really interesting point. Thanks very much for that little tip there, Paul. It’s been absolute pleasure talking to you.
Cool. Thanks, George.

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