Win the mobile in-app trifecta with Adcash SDK 2.3

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Posted: January 23, 2017

Guess what? If you’re an app publisher you can now win a trifecta. Traditionally, a trifecta is correctly guessing the top three finishers in a race. In this case, it is typically used in horse racing.
What is the trifecta in online advertising? Ads that increase user engagement, increase retention and increase revenue. Rarer still…but not impossible. You just need a good app and the Adcash SDK 2.3.

Go native or go home and reward your users

“Going native” is to adopt local customs. The same is true with native ads: they adopt the format and style of the platform they are displayed in. The result? They are less intrusive and encourage engagement.

In fact, engagement can increase anywhere from 20 to 60% with native ads.

The same is true with rewarded video, but the mechanism is different in style. In exchange for an incentive, users opt-in to a non-skippable video. The result? More conversions and higher user retention.

One study found that retention dropped in less than 10% of apps after implementing rewarded video.

Both formats hold the potential to increase your revenue in the short- and long-term through higher initial engagement and lifetime user value. Intelligently implementing these formats into your app monetization strategy is a no-brainer.

The three sins of digital ad serving

What are they? Overexposure, redundancy and latency. Downloading the SDK 2.3 will absolve your app of all sins…well at least these three.
First, you are free to set daily and lifetime caps so that your monetization strategy doesn’t poison users with overexposure.
Second, you can rest assured that your users who convert won’t see the same ad again with our adaptive targeting system.
Third, if you’re going to display an ad, it better be fast. They may be tolerant, but your users’ patience isn’t endless. We’ve optimized latency further.

Ease of use and you

Whether it be boredom or something with higher stakes, you developed an app to solve a problem and make a profit. You didn’t develop it to become a slave to your monetization strategy.
Part of the solution was to combine two ad zones to form the interstitial smart zone. This saves you time and improves your eCPM by selecting a static or video ad depending on the payout.
Another part was to give you more control over your revenue potential. With our eCPM floor, you can dictate the minimum eCPM an ad must have before it can be displayed.
The last part, you should have access to video ads without having to host them. Our video hosting solution provides you access to our video inventory, regardless of your hosting status.

Get the Adcash SDK 2.3 and win the trifecta

If you want certainty that you will win the in-app trifecta while accessing a global network, download the Adcash SDK 2.3 today. Otherwise, you are merely making a bet…which is best suited for casinos and horse racing.
Get SDK 2.3 Now 

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