Adcash Celebrates One Year of its Self-Service Advertiser Platform

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Posted: May 17, 2016

Time runs fast, as they say. Slightly more than a year ago, on May 12 Adcash launched its Self-Service Advertiser platform. Right now to let its customers celebrate this event, Adcash has a great offer for them to take advantage of.
At the time when Adcash was launching its Self-Service Advertiser platform, its team had a certain vision of what the product will look like and how it’s going to evolve. But over time a few pleasant surprises did punctuate its development path.
A brief history of Adcash Self-Service
So what exactly has the Adcash team added to the product for the last year, what features were added and through what upgrades the platform has gone through?
Adcash one year anniversary
User Interest Targeting
From the very beginning the platform users could only target their audience based on the verticals of the websites their ads would be exposed on. It was the “Site Category Targeting” feature that was available but certainly it was only the first step and Adcash knew that users need more targeting features to be efficient. So the Interest Targeting feature was the next up to become available on the platform and it allowed users to tackle the power of behavioral ad campaign targeting.
City Targeting
The next important step was adding geo location targeting to the lineup of existing targeting options. In fact, even though the feature was called “City Targeting”, it allowed the self-service platform users to narrow down their ad campaign within specific parts of cities.
This feature is really useful for “brick and mortar” businesses that certainly benefit from attracting people that are relatively close to their store. On the other hand, online businesses can also take advantage of this feature to promote some service that is available in a specific city only. An example would be a message like “10% off only for Sears customers in New York!” to promote a specific sale in Sears retail chain for New York only.
Cost Per Click Campaigns
CPC (cost-per-click) was one of the features that Adcash users requested early on and once it was introduced, after a number of technical challenges were overcome, significantly increased the platform efficiency for advertisers. In a situation when it’s sale of a specific product with a clearly defined funnel, CPC model can be really powerful.
Verticals Overhaul
Verticals was one of the areas that Adcash saw could be improved, even though overall the campaign creation process was really streamlined from the get-go. It took the team’s many sleepless nights and lots of coffee to expand the initial single level campaign displaying option that was initially available. It allowed advertisers to select traffic verticals more accurately.
Video Advertising
2014 was the year when Adcash realized a great potential that video advertising was capable to deliver. So the video ad format became part of the company’s formats lineup and ever since it’s been evolving to optimize performance it’s been delivering.
OS Targeting
Operating system targeting is what allows advertisers to deliver a message to people who would otherwise may wonder what this Windows 10 application ad has to do with their Mac OS Al Capitan driven MacBook Pro and a similar example could be provided for iOS versus Android running device users.
Zone Blacklisting and Whitelisting
Any advertiser would testify that once an ad campaign is launched they will be particular ad zones that will perform better than others and whitelisting and blacklisting features were the once that the platform had from the day one. The Adcash Self-Serving platform champions a combination of a machine learning and a human intervention from the advertisers side. This is the only way the company’s team saw the platform will be efficient for ad campaigns optimization.
Connection Type Targeting
People are connected to the Internet either via Wi-Fi or cellular and in a case of advertising an iOS app that is more than 100 Mb in size it’s really essential to limit the audience to people who are on Wi-Fi only, otherwise such ad campaign budget will be simply wasted. The Adcash allows advertisers to target their ads for 3 types of connection – Wi-Fi, cellular and even good old dial-up.
Mobile Carrier Targeting 
Mobile advertising has surpassed the desktop counterpart. With “Mobile Carrier Targeting” option, a media agency can reach out only “new customers” and not bother people who have already joined the network,
Web Browser Targeting
A mobile web browser can significantly influence on people’s experience with browsing a specific site and hence mobile ads displayed on that site should be optimized for a specific browser. To be able to take advantage of such ad format adjusting, advertisers need to have web browser targeting option in their disposal and hence “Web Browser Targeting” option from Adcash.
And so this is the brief summary of the major milestones of the Adcash Self-Service platform development for the last 12 months.
If you want to know more about Adcash advertising network visit their website.

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