ADATHA rolls out new DSP for real-time bidding for mobile media buyers

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. April 4, 2016

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Mobile ad platform, ADATHA, has just launched ADATHA PRO – its new Demand Side Platform (DSP) that enables real-time bidding for media buyers.
ADATHA launches new DSP
adatha pro
ADATHA PRO lets advertisers utilise a real-time bidding system to execute their online marketing strategies. It features a self-serve dashboard for easy deployment of mobile ad campaigns. The process is simple, transparent and intuitive. Real-time bidding means that marketers get better rates whilst publishers get to partner with relevant advertisers.
C.R. Venkatesh, CEO of ADATHA, explains:
cr venkatesh

“Marketers frequently face major obstacles in their online ad buys. We created ADATHA PRO to close this gap, and Provide a self-service platform that puts power directly in the hands of advertisers and mobile developers and marketers.”

ADATHA PRO further supports a variety of ad formats such as video. Venkatesh adds:

“With ADATHA PRO, advertisers have solid demographics to back up their campaigns. Targeting options allow ads to be pushed out to specific audiences, and a rich set of customizable reports lets advertisers see at a glance how well they are performing.”

ADATHA has recently been recognised by mobyaffiliates as the “Top Mobile Advertising Platform of 2015” thanks to its provision of consistent, positive traffic sources. It incorporates a fine-tuning process to deliver the best results.