Ad4Screen Launches Mobile Retargeting Solution RET4RGET

Ad4Screen, a European leader in performance-based mobile marketing, has created a mobile retargeting solution named RET4RGET which allows advertisers to assign a banner or interstitial advertisement to each individual user during their time spent on mobile applications. The advertisement is sent to a user that has already downloaded an existing mobile app. The technology behind the solution has been worked on for 12 months by 20 engineers – it marks a key step in offering advertisers the same recognised performance of retargeting advertising, but this time within the continually expanding mobile advertising industry.
Advertisers and publishers can implement the Ad4Screen SDK to gain access to the mobile Demand-Side Platform (DSP), which is interconnected in real time to the main mobile AdExchanges and Ad networks. With each advertising impression, Ad4Screen’s DSP is interrogated in real time and decides whether to bid in order to display its client’s advertising banner. Ad4Screen’s technology is able to individually select the most relevant mobile internet users according to their buying data, their behaviour, and their registration details.
RET4RGET, Ad4Screen’s Mobile Retargeting Solution
How the Ad4Screen Retargeting Works
E-commerce company La Redoute has realised that mobile marketing is a key area in their business going forward – as a result, they are one of the leading clients that have embraced the new Ad4Screen technology. The company sends push notifications for their promotions and sales, and they use ‘in-app’ displays to carry out trade marketing and to direct the app user towards the right section.
There are two available mobile retargeting formats within Ad4Screen’s SDK, and companies like La Redoute are using both of them:
1. Push Notifications Display Mode (opt in, or not): A banner or interstitial advertisement is sent to each user, featuring a personalised design, during their application use. When users click, they are sent directly to the correct page at the centre of the advertiser’s app.
retarget image 2
2. Users who have opted in for Push Notifications: Users that have opted in are sent a targeted and personalised Push Notification according to their individual consumer’s mobile behaviour. An example would be the re-launch of an abandoned basket five minutes following the closure of the app.
retarget image 1
The results of the new technology suggests that click-through rates have gone up by about two to three times when compared with the results from more traditional advertising methods. In addition, ROI is estimated to be four to eight times as high, again, when compared with more traditional advertising campaigns. Mobile app marketing is becoming more and more sophisticated then, with installs being less of a priority – instead, a new focus is on the engagement and usage of an app.
You can find out more information about performance-based mobile marketing over on the Ad4Screen website and at Ret4rget

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