Ad spend increases 172% on Vdopia’s programmatic mobile video platform

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Mobile video advertising platform, Vdopia, recently posted its Q2 2015 report, showing a 172% increase in ad spending on its programmatic mobile video platform Chocolate the year over.
Chocolate enables programmatic mobile video buying and selling
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Vdopia noted that Chocolate serves 12bn mobile video ad auctions each month, a 110% increase from the previous quarter. Mobile web auctions grew 97% and in-app auctions by 195% from Q1 2015. Ad spending across mobile web and in-app increased by 127% and 417% respectively during the same time. In addition, the company also noted a climb of its video completion rates from 58% to 62% quarter on quarter. Among CPG advertisers, Chocolate experienced the largest jump in growth, at a rate of 3104%.
Saurabh Bhatia, CEO, Vdopia, explains:

“With Magna Global estimating that mobile video ad spend will increase 507% in the next four years3, we’re certainly very bullish about our space. We happen to be one of the leaders of the segment of the digital advertising market that is seeing the best growth – mobile video, and specifically programmatic.”

Since the start of the year, Vdopia has marked a steady growth, hiring three ad technology experts, including Martin Price (OpenX), Guiseppe Di Mauro (PubMatic and Rubicon) and John Lambertus (Cadreon).

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