Ad platform Supersonic announces support for Amazon app developers

Anne Freier | November 13, 2015

Mobile Advertising

Supersonic, the mobile advertising technology platform, just announced support for Amazon app developers, starting 13. November. Now, app creators get to monetise and advertise their Amazon apps using the Supersonic ad platform to leverage the company’s high quality video ads.
Supersonic video mediation dashboard
VideoMediation_2 supersonic
The company’s Ad Mediation lets clients choose from a variety of formats including rewarded video, HD interstitial and offerwall ad formats. Its dashboard provides real-time analytics as well as performance reviews to help developers optimise their content and customise their campaigns.
Ankur Prasad, Head of Partnerships, Developer Marketing, Amazon, says:
ankur prasad

“Since the introduction of in-app purchases, monetizing non-paying users has been a challenge. The advent of rewarded video is steadily changing this while preserving, and in many cases boosting, the user’s experience. Supersonic is a pioneer in rewarded video and is proving the formats utility among top indie developers.”

Supersonic said it was excited to be working with premium app distributor and developer platform Amazon and its community of developers.
Matt Hall, Co-Founder, Hipster Whale, the indie game maker, says:
matt hall

“Supersonic support for Amazon is big news for us. As Amazon users make up a significant percentage of our overall base, we are excited to apply Supersonic’s rewarded video mediation technology to monetize this meaningful channel.”

The Supersonic SDK offers support for all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and Amazon.

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