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Posted: February 10, 2017

Best ROI Ad Networks
To date ad networks performance has been covered in many publications but one of the key metrics has always been left aside – ROI or return on investment. And that was unfortunate. Aside from the App Store and Google Play marketplace itself, ad networks are the second major channel for mobile app marketers to generate installs and get new users. Mobile marketers in general rely on mobile ad networks to drive their business, in a time when recently mobile  surpassed TV ads, knowing how much money can you return on your investment with a particular ad network is crucial.
Singular marketing analytics company took the challenge to answer the question – what ad networks drove the best ROI in 2016.

Key Findings

The data points out that among all ad networks performance measured, the following ones are on the rise: NativeX, Motive, Mobvista, Fyber, YouAppi. The other major 3 findings you can find below.
Apple Search Ads Burst onto the Scene
apple search ads stats singular
Only publicly available since October, Apple Search Ads emerged to deliver the 7th best ROI on iOS in the second half of 2016 and the 10h best ROI on iOS in 2016 overall. Sponsored ads atop app store searches struck a chord with users, generating extremely high conversion rates compared to social, search and display networks.
Facebook Overtakes AdWords on Android
facebook vs AdWords stats by singular
While Adwords was the top-performing ad network on Android in the first half of 2016, there was a changing of the guard in the second half of the year as Facebook surged into the top stop on Android, bumping AdWords into the #2 position. Facebook also beat out AdWords in terms of total ad spend in 2016 on Android with a huge uptick late in the year.
iOS Ads Drive 1.3X Higher ROI that Android Ads
Android ROI vs iOS by singular
For each dollar a marketer spends to acquire users on iOS, they can expect to get back 1.3 times motes app revenue that they spent that same dollar on Android. Historically, users on iOS were found to spend an average of 4X more  in apps than Android users, but Singular provides the first analysis to factor into this calculation the cost to acquire users. iOS ads drove higher ROI than Android ads 70% of the time when an app had both Android and iOS ads running in the same ad network.
To view the best Ad Networks and get a comprehensive picture of the ad network landscape and its ROI driving potential visit Singular website.

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