Ad impressions jump amid coronavirus crisis

The number of served ad impressions for the past month has been steadily increasing across most countries currently the midst of the coronavirus lockdown.

Based on the data collected by ad company ExoClick, ad impressions rose as lockdowns began to be put in place globally.

All countries measured by ExoClick observed a spike in impression percentages.

That may not be surprising given that more people are working from home and generally have more time to consume content on their mobile devices.

For brands and companies this means that going digital is key. Where possible, companies should swap their products to digital offerings to avoid lengthy delivery times.

According to several reports issued over the last few weeks, entertainment apps have seen a huge spike in user downloads and engagement.

Game developers could even up their approach by offering fun awards and prizes. People also have more time to take rewarded surveys during lockdown.

Meanwhile, dating sites have seen a surge in new users signing up to chat during these difficult times of isolation.

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