Ad blocking on iOS 9, The Good the Bad and the Ugly for Publishers

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Partner Post - Affle - Mobile Audience As Service

Posted: September 8, 2015

ios9 ad blocker
An iOS 9 update with ad blocking extensions is releasing in September, 2015. But what are these ad blockers and whom will they affect? And what happens next? Is it – Apple versus Publishers & Advertisers? Or, should we say – Apple versus Google? Will the Publishers and Advertisers lose out on their business because of this?  Affle is a Mobile Audience as Service Platform (MAAS) which helps advertisers and publishers maximize their mobile ad revenue. They recently released a white paper on this topic which you can find here.
Anuj Kumar is the Managing Director and Co-founder.  On the iOS9 ad blocking update Anuj had this to say:

“Mobile advertising is most effective when it is well blended with the content and offers engagement and transaction opportunities. With the new iOS9 update, Apple is definitely trying to push publishers and advertisers to move in this direction and embrace more native and engaging ad experiences. While this may enhance the consumer experience on mobile web, it definitely increases the monetization challenge for publishers. As a mobile platform company we see this as an opportunity to have more publishers integrate with our native and in-stream ad experiences, and also get them to more actively embrace a mobile app strategy to remain in greater control of their mobile asset experience.”

That’s just the start of combating the new challenge that mobile app publishers now face. Find out all the answers in Affle’s free whitepaper here

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