Acceptable Ads Committee launches mobile advertising criteria

The Acceptable Ads Committee (AAC) has now published its acceptable ads criteria for mobile adverts. The committee was founded by eyeo GmbH, the AdBlockPlus maker, in 2017 and includes members such as Dell,  The Media Trust, Criteo, M&C Saatchi Mobile, TED, various academics as well as many more.

The committee defines acceptable ads as those ad standards which are non-disruptive for the end user. Among its criteria for defining what an acceptable advert may be, the committee has set out guidance on ad placement, ad recognition, size and features relating to specific ad types.

Now, it has rolled out guidance for mobile ads. This states that acceptable mobile ad formats are small and large ads. Smaller ad formats (6×1 banners and 1×1 tile ads) can be placed anywhere on a mobile page, whilst larger native ad types should be placed beneath content on a mobile page.

A recent study by the AAC found that respondents found online video ads the most disruptive (43%), followed by mobile ads (40%). Meanwhile, ad size, placement and animation are considered the top factors when judging ads, according to respondents.

The latest consensus on mobile ads was reached following a year of research and feedback deliberation.

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