Aarki launches new features for better mobile campaign transparency


Aarki, which provides programmatic ads for mobile apps, just rolled out a series of new features to increase mobile campaign transparency. Marketers who have access to Aarki Encore, the company’s self-service analytics dashboard, can now control their daily spend more effectively.

Aarki now provides better insight on analytics and campaign spend


Source: aarki.com

The dashboard combines real-time data to give an overview of campaign level performance. Marketers have full visibility of their ad ROI and gain insights on top publisher placements as well as those creatives that perform the best.

The dashboard can be customised to feature certain intervals for updates.

In addition, clients get to test creative variations of their campaigns and receive reports to compare effectiveness.

Aarki says that transparency is key when it comes to programmatic ad campaigns. Aarki Encore lets marketers see where their ad is running, the audience that views it as well as ROI. Changes to campaigns are made in real-time.

In addition, Encore tracks campaign costs, region and sub campaigns.

Sid Bhatt, CEO, Aarki, says:

sid bhatt

“We are already deploying vastly superior unified optimization technology for programmatic advertising, which is a game changer in mobile app marketing. This analytics dashboard allows our customers to see the impact of this technology and to exercise complete control over their campaigns in real-time.”

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