A third of businesses aren’t sure about their mobile and digital business strategies

Over a third (36%) of business leaders aren’t sure about their digital marketing strategies, according to research by MarketingSignals.

The survey of 1,021 UK workers found that 29% also admitted that their mobile website was not fully responsive to mobile, which can affect conversion rates negatively as well as the user experience.

Another 32% said they were not actively retargeting visitors, missing out on potential revenue.

The research highlights that there are range of opportunities which businesses are missing out on when it comes to their digital marketing strategies.

“This is to some extent understandable as algorithms are regularly updating and it can be hard for business owners to keep up with the very latest developments,” explains Gareth Hoyle, managing director at MarketingSignals.com.

“However, missing out on opportunities to improve digital marketing performance can also be extremely harmful to an online businesses’ bottom line if they are not actioned quickly. Moreover, digital marketing techniques that were once understood and believed to be common practice a while ago can now lead to directly to search engine penalties. Therefore, it is extremely important that business leaders make more of a concentrated effort to keep abreast of the digital marketing activity their own company is undertaking, with the start of the year being the perfect time for this to take place.”

Additionally, 22% of respondents admitted that they were not yet optimising their Google My Business listings, potentially missing out on reaching more consumers.

Another 19% said they were aware that their website did not load fast enough.

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