A Single Day Of a Premium Online Advertising Company in Numbers

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Partner Post - Kimia Premium Online Advertising

Posted: November 27, 2017

With winter approaching and the change to Daylight Savings time, we got thinking about what 1 day actually means to us at Kimia. We surprised even ourselves when we had a look at just how much happens in only 24 hours at Kimia.

The top findings to share

600M Clicks – That’s almost 2x’s the population of the USA!
Top performers from our market of over 900 offers are bringing in clicks by the millions. Affiliates can identify new and exclusive offers automatically, filter by vertical, country, business model, conversion flows and more.
300k Conversion Events – CPA, CPL, CPS, no matter what the model our job is to provide offers that convert. Knowing what’s where, is our speciality.
246 Countries served – If there is land with a human with a mobile phone, chances are Kimia has an offer to promote there.
65k Different traffic segments are catalogued by our algorithm and reference to more than 11B records of big data. We’ve got a hefty job of identification and filtering to ensure that every single click reaches the most qualified audience possible. Our predictive modeling algorithm ensures every click is directed to the offer with the highest conversion probability.
72k Bot types identified and deferred – who knew so many distinct types of bots/fraudulent patterns even existed??!! Thank heavens our IT team has developed technology to detect patterns, reference databases and refer to third party technology to stop the bad guys in their tracks.
50 New campaigns launched – Our sales team made of 10 different native nationalities ensures we provide the offers that are killing it worldwide. Advertisers receive targeted traffic due to our multi-layer targeting including: Vertical, Geo, City/Zip code, device, browser, language, carrier, time of day, operating system.
15 Verticals promoted – While we stay true to our core verticals of Mobile content, Games, Lead Gen, Nutra, Health & Beauty, and Adult, we also offer worldwide offers in Sweeps, Dating, Online TV, Gambling, Utilities, Forex, Male Enhancement, Coupons, Ecommerce and Travel.
500 Advertisers Managed – With all those verticals and all those countries, we’ve taken the chore of discovering and testing to deliver you the cream of the crop.
Well….here’s to one more of many days to come at Kimia!
*Worldometers.info 2017