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Posted: November 28, 2017

With every passing day, we are undeniably coming very close of technologies, and mobile apps are consuming our Smartphone’s, hence making it a lot easier for executing the activities. So, in the flood of mobile apps, existing out there, food ordering mobile apps is not a new concept. It helps the users to order their food without taking the pain of waiting.

There are plentiful of restaurants, cafes existing out there. Most of the time owners think of scaling their business niche. But, then is it really easy to expand the business horizons, obviously not. So, in this post find out some of the basic and general tips that will help you to get best mobile app.

Understand: Why you need a food ordering mobile app?

One of the main benefits of having a food ordering mobile app is, it will boost up your user base. You can have 100 visitors per day, but the mobile app can provide you with around 400 orders per day.

Moreover, you mobile app is can be used 24/7 and comes with no time constraint. It works well thus, playing the role of a true partner in accomplishing you business insights. It has the ability to reap out impressive benefits, and it can do it for you if developed with the right Food Ordering Mobile App Development Company and with the correct aligned approach

Determine the exact user base of your mobile app

Is it difficult to determine? Well, no, they will be students, professionals and the entrepreneurs. Now, all of them have a very busy lifestyle and thus develop an app according to them. The Food ordering mobile app must allow them to order the food with just a few clicks.

Remember, to display all the menu items right from the low price meals to high services. Many people can abandon you app, in case it delivers too expensive meals and food products. Hence make it as per the normal standards.

Don’t make it too ornamental, else it will confuse the users.  As soon as user log in into the apps, display the meals as per his/ her previous orders, so that they can easily confirm their orders.

For the new visitors, showcase the entire menu that is splintered according to the taste category. Allow them to operate the app with easy navigation, and focus on making their orders accomplished with the few clicks.

Features that your food ordering app must have

The main menu page

It can be displayed in the way you like. Either by the pictures or the titles you graph all the dishes, but do not make it clumsy.

Edit booking options

Perform a justified billing as per the dishes selected and allow them to change the order as well. This can be great add-on for your food ordering mobile app. It often gets some time, that the wrong items may get billed, hence allow the users to edit the orders and at the same time it can be very favorable for your app.

Instant orders

In this section, you can display the meals that can be served within a short time. It can be of great help for hungry people, the one’s while traveling, or for the very busy people.

Allow them to make their own dishes

What if a consumer likes pizza very much, but the one that is made by their own ingredients? So, allow them select their own ingredients, so that they can have their favorite meals.

This can prove extremely beneficial for you restaurants, but remember do not integrate the aforementioned feature for all the meals.

You can select some major meals, such as pizzas, burgers, vegetable sandwiches and much more.

Healthy diets charts and veggies 

The generation of today is fitness freak; hence provide them with the suitable low fried and healthy options that can fit into their diet charts.

You can add specially prepared veggies so as to attract the large group of vegetable lovers and fitness oriented users at the same time.

These were some of the basic features, but you need a lot more than above. Validate clearly all the development strategies of app development and make sure that it is directed with a right approach.

Few more services

So, what are the other services that you should add in addition to the aforementioned features?

Push Notifications

Keep the users updated with the latest offers and the discounts. It works great in keeping the users engaged.

Order Tracking

It helps the users to determine the location of the driver and allows them to track the estimated time about the meal delivery

Payment Gateways

Integrating payment gateway can be big deal for you app. You can PayPal or Braintree for making the transactions seamless. Remember to integrate Cash on Delivery as well, as that is still the most prevailing payment method.

Referrals and Awards

Referrals and Awards are a great way to keep the users engaged. Award the customers and provide them attractive deal for making the references or booking more orders.

Several other options such as reviews and rating, social media sharing etc can be added for making your app more attractive. It is imperative to communicate with the users and giving their concerns appropriate explanation so to take your food ordering app to a next level.

Start you food ordering app development with these steps

A perfect plan is a must for your app success. Here are few steps that will take your food ordering business ahead of your competitors:

  • Verify all the user requirements and analyze your competitive strategies, as it will help you to set the right direction for app development.
  • Select the correct platform either iOS or Android for your app, as selecting that will decide your app user base. Do not overlap your business requirements with your competitors, as that may lead to a wrong platform selection.
  • Make a rough idea about the design, features and technical parameters that are to be inbuilt into the app. Integrate the advanced features and take the help of food ordering mobile app development company, Octal IT Solution so as to conserve a fully featured and quality proof app.
  • Create an app prototype with all the features and technical adjustments, so as to streamline the development procedures.
  • Check all the quality parameters.
  • Run an MVP-as that will exactly determine the user base of your app. Take the recommendation of the consumers and make the improvisations in the app accordingly.
  • Deploy the testing strategies for getting it published on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

For sure following the above steps you will have the best app. Conduct a detailed research about the features to be integrated and earn an understating about the designing concepts as well. Keep updating your app, and award your clientele, with the best deals available.

Try to make the app as simple as possible, with attractive logo and graphics for making you app a real hit in the massive competition existing out there.

If you would like to discuss more about On-demand food app development, our mobile app development experts at Octal IT Solution are ready to help you. You can reach them at the following email.

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