A List of the Top Mobile DSPs

Jamie Giggs

In Mobile Advertising. March 30, 2015

Mobile demand side platforms (DSPs) are the services that allow mobile advertisers to buy inventory across a variety of ad exchanges, networks and publishers. They are usually used with real-time bidding or programmatic trading, but this isn’t always the case.
Mobile advertisers can buy impressions across a range of publisher sites, but targeted to specific users based on information such as their location and their previous browsing behaviour. Publishers make their ad impressions available through marketplaces called ad exchanges, and mobile DSPs automatically decide which of those impressions is the best option for the advertiser.

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Normally the price of these ad impressions is determined by a real-time auction, otherwise know as real-time bidding (RTB). It’s here that impressions are auctioned off to the highest bidder. In addition to this, the whole process takes milliseconds.
Overall then, mobile DSPs  can be a very effective and quick solution to advertise on mobile. We thought it would be useful to assemble a list of DSP companies that lead the industry and put them all into one place. From Smaato to Affle, our list should help out app advertisers and anyone else interested in mobile DSPs.

The Top Mobile DSP full list:

1. Smaato

Smaato offers its own DSP platform which advertisers can buy inventory from across a variety of networks and publishers. Smaato says their ad exchange has the largest global reach of any out there, reaching over 80,000 publishers and serving over 150 billion monthly impressions.

  • Features: Fast integration, global reach
  • Tagline: “Global Monetization for Mobile Apps and Web Sites”

2. Fiksu

Fiksu’s demand side platform delivers cost effective, targeted mobile RTB buying. There is the ability to target each impression individually in real-time auction style environment. Fiksu’s DSP allows mobile advertisers to acquire inventory from multiple exchanges such as Goofle Ad-X, MoPub, Smaato and Nexage – this is completed through a single point of entry and unified reporting is part of the service.

  • Features: Reporting, multiple RTB ad exchanges
  • Tagline: “Data-fuelled mobile marketing”

3. Avazu

Avazu‘s DSP offers mobile ad buyers the ability to individually value each ad impression from the platform of their choice in a real-time setting. The platform features over 4 billion real-time biddable ad impressions daily. Using audience segmentation and audience targeting technologies, Avazu allows mobile marketers to retarget their existing user base and analyse their customer journeys.

  • Features: Predictive analytics, creative personalisation
  • Tagline: “Solutions for Scalable Display Campaigns”


StrikeAd’s platform allows mobile marketers to manage their campaigns themselves or to let StrikeAd do it for them. The platform enables programmatic advertising across multiple devices, and combines leading SSPs with predictive modelling to make sure mobile advertisers receive the best possible ROI.

  • Features: Advanced targeting, real-time reporting, quick setup
  • Tagline: “Programmatic Mobile Advertising Platform”

5.Millennial Media

With the Millennial Media DSP mobile marketers can manage their media buys and reach customised audiences. The Millennial Media DSP is used in real-time with advanced targeting options available. Mobile advertisers can expand the reach of their data and have access to a programmatic inventory in addition to inventory across numerous mobile ad exchanges.

  • Features: Programmatic inventory, advanced targeting, access to data set
  • Tagline: “Real-time Audience Targeting on Mobile”


PocketMath’s DSP is a 100% self-serve platform for programmatic mobile. The DSP platform features mobile re-targeting, a worldwide reach, API access and hyper local targeting meaning mobile advertisers can get exactly what they want for their ad campaign in milliseconds.

  • Features: Mobile re-targeting, self-serve, real-time analytics,
  • Tagline: “Real-Time Bidding for Mobile Ads”


Go2mobi’s DSP is a managed or self-serve traffic source for mobile media buyers. The platform allows mobile advertisers to buy ads on over 200,000 apps and mobile sites, with performance and branding campaigns, advanced audience targeting and re-targeting and display, video, native and rich media ads.

  • Features: Self-service interface, optimisation, testing tools
  • Tagline: “Mobile Audience Targeting Platform”


Affle big
Affle‘s DSP features an integrated private ad exchange with programmatic demand. Their platform enables mobile advertisers and marketers to achieve a better ROI and higher level of  transparency when commercing with marketplaces, app developers and publishers globally. They also feature integrated in-app analytics.

  • Features: Real-time, SDK DSP, re-targeting
  • Tagline: “Mobile Audience as a Service Platform”

9. Adgoji

AdGoji’s DSP optimises mobile ad campaigns by purchasing ad-space in real-time. AdGoji’s proprietary algorithm enables them to identify behavioural patterns, bid intelligently, and seek valuable inventory for mobile advertisers looking to grow their brand. Key partners include Flurry, adjust and HasOffers.

  • Features: Real-time reporting, quick setup
  • Tagline: “Helping Brands to Embrace Programmatic without Worrying About Technology”

10. Splicky

Splicky’s DSP allows advertisers to buy mobile ad impressions and clicks within mobile sites and apps. Using multiple targeting parameters the use of real-time bidding allows mobile advertisers to optimise their ad spend. Mobile marketers can bid only on the impressions that match their targeting criteria using programmatic buying – resulting in higher ROI.

  • Features: Self-serve, real-time analytics, global reach
  • Tagline: “Smooth Mobile Advertising”

11. Byyd

Byyd is a DSP that enables advertisers to connect with precisely, programmatically targeted mobile audiences. Byyd has delivered over 100,000 campaigns in five years, meaning they have experience with the technology that mobile advertisers need. Mobile marketers benefit from their Precision Audience Engine for advanced audience targeting.

  • Features: Multiple ad exchanges, advanced targeting, reports and analytics
  • Tagline: “Precision Mobile Advertising”

12. Trademob

Trademob and their DSP features a global inventory of advertising possibilities. Trademob’s platform is connected to hundreds of SSPs, ad networks, RTB exchanges and media partners. In addition to this. they have access to over 1 billion users worldwide, in over 190 countries. Some of their biggest clients include Ebay, Wooga, and Lovoo.

  • Features: Analytics, re-targeting
  • Tagline: “Data-Driven App Marketing Platform”

13. Axonix

Axonix is RTB mobile ad exchange that enables mobile advertisers and marketers to buy ads and impressions. There is no minimum commitment to using their service, and prices can be defined by geography and ad unit. Axonix has specialised in selling mobile ads since 2009.

  • Features: Real-time, advanced ad targeting
  • Tagline: “The specialist RTB mobile ad exchange”


Bidstalk offers a white-label mobile DSP to place targeted ads on thousands of mobile apps. Their real-time bidding system gives mobile advertisers instant access to mobile traffic from their network of supply partners and app publishers. Mobile marketers can watch, measure and optimise the performance of their ad engagements with our ad tracking and control features.

  • Features: Self-serve, personalised DSP, reporting
  • Tagline: “White-Label Mobile DSP”


Tamome’s DSP provides advanced tracking and analytics to deliver brand awareness, lead generation and customer acquisition across multiple source points. Tamome is in the process of building their real-time-bidding and programmatic marketing systems which will allow them to target and price impressions and clicks based on the needs of mobile advertisers’ campaigns.

  • Features: Reporting, analytics, advanced targeting
  • Tagline: “Targeting Mobile Media”

Final Thoughts
There you have it, a list of some of the key mobile demand-side platforms out there at the moment. There’s quite a lot of choice out there for app marketers and mobile advertisers interested in using what many have said to be the future of the mobile advertising industry. We recommended trying out a combination of them to see what works and what doesn’t.