A billion people worldwide will use a tablet on a regular basis this year


A billion people will be using a tablet on a regular, monthly basis by the end of the year, according to research performed by eMarketer, and by 2019, that number will increase to 1.51 billion people. Despite these giant numbers, the percentage change between now and previous years is falling, and will continue to do so.

A billion people will use a tablet in 2015, but growth is slowing

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The research shows that in 2014, 840 million people used a tablet at least once per month, 28% up from 2013. However, the percentage increase drops to 19% this year, and is forecasted to grow by 14% in 2016, 11% in 2017, 9% in 2018, and finally, 7% in 2019. Tablets will remain popular, but won’t have the same level of traction seen in 2013, when growth was at a huge 79.5%.

Looking at the numbers in more detail, eMarketer states Asia-Pacific will have the highest number of tablet users, at just over 458 million this year. This is more than double that of North America in second place with 173 million users. By 2019, Asia-Pacific will have 755 million tablet users, nearly four times the amount in the U.S. and Western Europe. Interestingly, the latter will have overtaken the former by that time too, with 205 million users compared to North America’s 199 million.

Asia-Pacific leads the way for amount of tablet users

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In terms of how many Internet users will own tablets, North America will remain top of the list at least until 2019 with a steady 60 to 65% figure, and half the total population having access to a tablet. The data puts just 11% of the Asia-Pacific population having a tablet in 2015, or 29% of the Internet users. In 2019, eMarketer shows these numbers will rise to 18% and 37% respectively.

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